JK Aircon is reputed air conditioner sale company that provides unique and affordable air conditioners of different brands to its customers. Customers can just order branded air conditioner online and that will be delivered at your door steps in few days. We also provide services related to installation, repair, and maintenance of air conditioners. Our customers can easily approach us for any queries or problems which they face. Get the best aircon for sale at reasonable rates just by contacting or visiting the website of JK Aircon. Ever since we started with aircon servicing in Woodlands, we have always wanted to offer our customers a comprehensive aircon solution and over the years, we have been pretty successful in doing it as well. This is one of the services that the customers rely a lot on us. We love to interact with our customers and suggest them on their purchase of right air conditioner so they get the right product and are always satisfied. To ensure our customer’s satisfaction we deal in only trusted and branded airconditioners.


General Aircon Cleaning

General Servicing is a regular maintenance for both residential and commercial to make your aircon…

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Antibacterial Steam Cleaning

Antibacterial steam is type of servicing that using high pressure hot steam spray jet machine…

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Aircon Chemical Wash

JK Aircon recommends aircon chemical wash when your aircon starts leaking water, no smoothness in…

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Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

Chemical overhaul is to dismantling the whole unit aircon bring down to toilet clean thorough…

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