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The Important Facts To Know About The Aircon Chemical Wash

In the case of living in the tropical region, you could not live comfortably without the usage of air conditioner and the usage of the unit would become a part of your daily routine life. On a continuous usage of the aircon system, there would be an accumulation of dirt, dust, and microorganisms like airborne bacteria, etc. These invisible particles would affect the overall performance of the system and will result in the poor quality of air conditioning while using the system. The ultimate solution for such a problem is to adopt aircon cleaning.

General Aircon Cleaning

Cleaning your aircon unit regularly would make the system work optimally regularly throughout its life cycle. It also helps you to avoid the un-hygienically flow of air as well as high-priced repairs. Hence it is very important to keep your air conditioning system clean and hygienic and one of the most effective methods to clean up your unit is aircon chemical wash. You can simply learn everything about this method below.

Why should you Implement your Aircon Unit for a Chemical Wash?

The spray cleaning on your air conditioning system would remove any dirt and dust that accumulates into your system and thus would ideally extend the life cycle of your aircon unit. The chemical wash would also carry out checking of the functions of the aircon’s part such as chemical wash of coils, functioning, air filters, blowers and so on. It also removes the dirt and dust which inspecting all the parts of the unit in a detailed way. Initially, it is always better to subject your air conditioner to chemical cleaning while it is new and when your unit starts to age then it is much better and more comprehensive to take up the chemical wash for the optimal functioning of the system and hygienic requirements.

The Major Advantages of Aircon Chemical Wash

There are numerous advantages of subjecting your air conditioning unit for an aircon chemical wash. Here are some of these:

  • Removal of dirt and dust from the air filter
  • Halting the condenser freeze and removing the blockage
  • Detecting leaks and other similar issues
  • Cleaning the system’s evaporator
  • Checking the working conditions of the air conditioning system parts

Removing the Dirt and Dust from the Aircon System

When your system gets blocked with the dirt and dust then it would cause the unhygienic air circulation around your room and also it would block the free flow of air. The blockage of the air would simply cause the pressure within the system to increase drastically. The unsanitary air would also create health problems and it would welcome airborne disease into your place. The poor performance of the system would also lead to high energy bills as well as system breakdowns. If your unit undergoes chemical cleaning, then it would remove dust and dirt while improving air quality and also the efficiency of the aircon system.

Removal of blockages and stopping the Condenser Freezing

The main work of the condenser is to exchange the heat of the system and control it to cool the air. When it gets blocked with some blockages, then the maintenance of airflow would be tough. It is possible to remove any kind of internal or external blockages in your condenser using a chemical wash. The removal of blockages would stop the freezing of your condenser and your unit would be free from having an untidy air filter and blockages in the fan or malfunctioning air ducts.

Addressing the Leakages and other similar Issues

If you wash your system regularly, then identifying the issues would be simplified. The major issue with leakage kind of problem is refrigerant leaking that could be harmful and would harm the health of the individuals living in.

Cleaning the System’s Evaporator

The most integral part of your air conditioning system is the evaporator coil and you can just prevent the malfunctioning of the evaporator just by removing the buildup of dirt and dust by implementing the aircon chemical wash cleaning method.

Overall checking of the Parts

The professionals or technical experts would also check the other parts of the unit while processing the chemical wash. They would also check the functionality of the parts such as blower wheel, thermostat and more.

Some of the common steps undertaken as a part of Aircon Chemical Wash

The chemical wash of the aircon system is thorough for cleaning and it also involved to check the working functionality of the main parts. The most common steps given through the cleaning by chemical wash is given below,

  • Chemical cleaning of aircon parts such as blowers, evaporator coils, air filters, condenser coils as well as other parts
  • Checking the compressor suction’s functionality, discharge pressure as well as the motor of blower fan that conditions the air
  • Checking the main electric connections and fixing the loose wires
  • Cleaning the panels and front cover of the air conditioning system
  • Checking the flushing and water drainage pipe
  • Checking the fan coil unit by dismantling it securely

The aircon chemical wash is a major service that is the most comprehensive one and it could benefit your system widely.