OUR Antibacterial Steam Cleaning

Antibacterial Steam Cleaning

antibacterial steam cleaning

Antibacterial steam is type of servicing that using high pressure hot steam spray jet machine to soften accumulated germs,dust and molds that stuck inside the aircon and wiped away easily. This method we advice to clean 5 to 6 months once depend on usage.


  1. Check and Clean of the air conditioning external front covers and panels
  2. Check and Clean of the air filters
  3. Check and steam flush through the blower wheel and fan blade
  4. Check and steam flush through the unit evaporator coils
  5. Check and Clean condensation water drainage pan
  6. Check and flush through the water drainage pipe
  7. Check and monitor the operating condition of aircon unit

One time service

Nos of aircon unit One time service
1 fancoil $50 per unit
2 fancoil to  5 fancoil $40 per unit
6 fancoil and above $35 per unit
Condenser steam $50 per unit


  • For appointment booking please contact HOTLINE 66842801.
  • All price stated above for 9000btu to 22000btu fancoil only.