OUR General Aircon Cleaning

General Aircon Cleaning

General Aircon Cleaning
General Servicing is a regular maintenance for both residential and commercial to make your aircon run more efficiently and save more repair cost in future. General service you may service every 3 months but once a year chemical steam is needed to clean through internal to prevent choke, moldy or dusty that may stuck inside the aircon.


  1. Check and Clean of the air conditioning external front covers and panels
  2. Check and Clean of the air filters
  3. Check and Clean of the blower wheel and fan blade
  4. Check and Clean of the unit evaporator coils
  5. Check and Clean condensation water drainage pan
  6. Check and flush of the water drainage pipe
  7. Check and monitor the operating condition of aircon unit

One time service

Nos of aircon unitOne time service
1 fancoil$50 per unit
2 fancoil and above$30 per unit
Condenser steam$60 per unit

Contract 4 times a year

Nos of aircon unitQuarterly service
2 fancoil$240
3 fancoil$330
4 fancoil$430
5 fancoil$500
6 fancoil$600


  • For appointment booking please contact HOTLINE 66842801.
  • For contract customer if aircon faulty, no charge for Checking fee.
  • All price stated above for 9000btu to 18000btu fancoil only.


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