OUR Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

Chemical Overhaul Cleaning

Chemical overhaul is to dismantling the whole unit aircon bring down to toilet clean thorough with chemical. This is recommended when your aircon unit consistent water leaking, air flow not smooth, foul smell or not service more than 2 years and above. Chemical help to clear off dust, molds and germs that stuck at internal of the aircon unit.


  1. Dismantle whole unit clean thoroughly using chemical
  2. Check and Clean condensation water drainage pan
  3. Check and spray chemical and flush through the water drainage pipe
  4. Check gas if not enough topping gas is free
  5. Check and monitor the operating condition of aircon unit

One time service

Nos of aircon unitOne time service
1 fancoil$180 per unit
2 fancoil to  5 fancoil$150 per unit
6 fancoil and above$140 per unit
Condenser steam$60 per unit


  • For appointment booking please contact HOTLINE 66842801.
  • All price stated above for 9000btu to 18000btu fan coil only.
  • Warranty 1 month